About the Company

Leader in high quality food supplements production for 16 years.

Vision International People Group has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of health, longevity, youth, and beauty products for more than 16 years.

Vision's product range includes a huge complex of plant-based products - biologically active food supplements for adults and children, cosmetics, herbal teas, innovative healthy food products Smart Food and accessories.

To offer for its client’s best quality, product range and prices, Vision has created a wide network of manufacturers all around the world.  More than 15 companies that manufacture Vision products are certified according to the GPM standard. The GMP certificate guarantees that only the highest quality raw materials and modern high-tech equipment are used in the production of the products.

Vision works hard to ensure the efficiency and safety of its products. All biologically active products of plant origin are produced only from natural organic raw materials. Innovative technologies make it possible to preserve the integrity and valuable properties of plants and to optimally enrich the products with useful components. To control quality and always be a few steps ahead in food supplements market, we have established the research laboratory Vision DEM4 (Direct Effect Management) that constantly monitors the market, does a research on best possible ingredients, improves product formulas, and develops new product concepts for us.  

Safety and quality ensured.

All Vision products go through the mandatory state registration stages in each country where they are marketed before reaching the consumer. In addition, Vision conducts clinical trials of the products on its own initiative. Leading institutes, laboratories and clinics in the industry have already confirmed the exceptional safety and efficiency of Vision products. Their effectiveness is confirmed by many positive feedbacks from consumers and experts.

Key partnership with 100 years of experience.

One of the strategic partners of Vision is the Lithuanian company Svencioniu vaistazoliu factory that was established in 1883 and is a leading regional manufacturer of herbal products. Svencioniu Vaistazoliu factory produces all Vision herbal teas and some biologically active food supplements. The Lithuanian company has received prestigious European prizes and certificates for high product quality as well as is recognized and respected player by industry professionals.

Optimized assortment for everyday health.

And finally- we are those who strive to improve everyday health of our customers through complex food supplement solutions that are produced with a combination of long lasting experience, science and knowledge about natural ingredients that are effective for us- humans.