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D4X Get Detox, Vision, N10

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Product features:

•Sustain detoxification by stimulation of diuresis;

•Maintain urinary tract function;

•Strengthen the immune system;

•Protect from free radicals. 

D4X Get Active,N10

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Food supplement

D4X Active with honey and natural extracts pair perfectly with your everyday diet all year round, granting you a daily boost of extra power, helping you get through your daily routine or the toughest tasks. Spirulina (superfood) is an algae rich in beta carotene and calcium that helps maintain high energy levels during physical activity, is a great source of protein, contains all of the essential amino acids and reinforces the immune system. The net protein utilization (NPU) of this superfood is high, which means your body will be able to efficiently utilize all the amino acids.

D4X Get Young, Vision, N10

Price €14.99
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Product features:

  • Protect from oxidative cell damage;
  • Protect skin from free radicals;
  • Stimulatre blood circulation;
  • Normalize cell metabolism.

Expiry date: 2024-03-31