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Junior Neo+

Food supplement Junior Neo + provides the body with all the necessary vitamins, macro- and microelements. Guarantees the harmonious development of all body functions in the period of active growth: physical, intellectual and mental. It makes the nervous system of the child more stable, increases cognitive and motor activity, prevents overfatigue and overexcitation. Strengthens immunity, promotes the formation and maintenance of good health.


It’s essential to take vitamins regularly, but with the disturbed microflora vitamins are not assimilated properly. Senior is a unique combination of necessary vitamins, micro- and macroelements, as well as living probiotic cultures. It sustains natural balance of the intestinal microflora, which facilitates complete assimilation of all consumed vitamins and minerals. It nourishes every cell and prolongs its lifespan; improves well-being, enhances immunity and surges energy within the body.


Sveltform+ deals with a major cause for gaining weight—normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. Ultimately balanced formula helps activate metabolism up to the exact degree that would facilitate intensive fat burning and transformation into energy. It slows down the process of turning of carbohydrates into fats, removing them from the body. Precludes retention of liquids in the body, diminishes edema. It helps reduce appetite, craving for sweets and pastry, enhances the effect of diets, decreases blood sugar and cholesterol.