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36.45 9.11
Activico improves peristalsis and bowel movements, and also is great nourishment for probiotics. This new product is extremely rich in soluble and non-soluble fibres that helps manage weight loss, improves defecation (prevents constipation and haemorrhoids), and prevents intestine inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome. Activico acts as prebiotics, binds and removes waste products, cholesterol, toxins, and allergens. It also strengthens and supports immune system and nurtures the body with vitamins and microelements.

Bio-In Cutter

This exclusive device for opening the sachet is designed to facilitate the daily intake of Bio-In.

Bio-in Synbiotics immune care

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Food supplement  SYNBIOTICS IMMUNE CARE  Boosts the immune system, reduces allergies, and normalises microflora balance. It helps normalising immune (including allergic) reactions, ensures immune cell maturity and the ability to recognise pathogens. Immune care increases resistance to colds, protects against upper respiratory tract infections, and improves skin microflora reducing the chance of acne. It also restores natural biological barrier in the intestine and reduces the permeability of allergens, pathogens, and toxins, reducing immune cell sensitivity to allergens and easing allergic reactions. SYNBIOTICS IMMUNE CARE:
  • Helps to normalise immune (including allergic) reactions
  • Ensures immune cell maturity and the ability to recognise pathogens
  • Increases resistance to infections
  • Improves skin microflora and reduces the chance of acne
  • Restores natural biological barrier in the intestine and reduces the permeability of allergens, pathogens, and toxins
  • Normalises gastrointestinal tract function and lessens allergy symptom

D4X Get Active

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Food supplement  D4X Active with honey and natural extracts pair perfectly with your everyday diet all year round, granting you a daily boost of extra power, helping you get through your daily routine or the toughest tasks. Spirulina (superfood) is an algae rich in beta carotene and calcium that helps maintain high energy levels during physical activity, is a great source of protein, contains all of the essential amino acids and reinforces the immune system. The net protein utilization (NPU) of this superfood is high, which means your body will be able to efficiently utilize all the amino acids.
  • Contains all the essential amino acids.
  • x10 more beta carotene than in carrots.
  • 1 g of spirulina contains the same amount of nutrients as 1 g of vegetables.
  • One of the best sources of protein.


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Digestico cleanses the digestive tract and prepares the body for the intake of synbiotics. Modern medicine treats with enzymes that our bodies can produce themselves. This helps to digest the food, but the body adapts and produces fewer enzymes disrupting our natural body functions in a long term. Contrarily to synthetic alternatives, Digestico acts on the causes restoring activity in the digestive tract and improving gland functioning. It promotes detoxification, stimulates intestine function and improves defecation, prevents pathogenic bacteria and fungi reproduction. Digestico eliminates toxins and bad cholesterol from the body, reduces the risk of gall stones, increases gastric juice secretion and activity, improves liver function and bile secretion, and stimulates the breakdown of fats.